Cynthia: Entering the Path of Ascension

Openhearted Rebel

Written by Cynthia

Finding a coinI first heard of Ascension last fall. I think it was mid October when I stumbled on the matter while researching something completely different.

I was skeptical as first, even though I had meditated on and off for about 20 years. But the more I read, the more I became excited at the prospect. I was even having Ascension symptoms prior to knowing about Ascension.

I really questioned myself about the symptoms I was having. Were they just a convenient excuse to steer me away from what I thought I should be focusing on? Were they permission to get into some pretty weird behavior?

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Visionkeeper: FYI….

Openhearted Rebel

One World Rising February 2, 2013

I wanted to share this inspiring video with you. I was watching it this morning and was slammed upside the head realizing the truth of the food we eat. I am well aware of nutrition as I have eaten only healthy food for years, but I can still do better. The realization that struck me so hard in this video was just how truly evil corporate America is to create such unhealthy foods, make them addictive and destroy the health and lives of millions of people to help support the Pharmaceutical Corporation. It brings tears to my eyes to think people do this kind of evil to others versus trying to inspire and support their fellow beings. It is tragic we have come to this point in life. The inspiration in this movie that each person shares with others to better themselves is…

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Life as the ultimate virtual reality immersion, by Multidimensional Ocean – 1 Feb 2013

Multidimensional Ocean

Hi ladies and gents,

During the week an interesting thought has crossed my mind, which I am going to share with you.

Imagine if you were a part of a super powerful and advanced civilisation. This civilisation would be able to control matter at an atomic level, it can align the atoms in order to create anything at all, just like the Star Trek replicators.


It would be one of those civilisations capable of prolonging life through natural or artificial methods, such gene re-sequencing and as cloning.


Imagine this civilisation would have at its’ disposition an almost never ending flow and abundance of energy, providing them with whatever is needed for their daily life.


Imagine that at this level, the only thing stopping your spiritual progress is your technological power, life is so comfortable and never-ending, that there is no need for self improvement or so one…

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New Music Is About to Begin


Heavenletter #4452 Published on: February 1, 2013

God said:

If I were to ask you this minute what you most want in the world right now, would you hesitate to ask? Would you be wanting to be sure you were asking for what you wanted most and not something less than optimum? Of course, you wouldn’t want to waste this wish.

I have a feeling that if I were to ask you this right now, you wouldn’t be so sure what to ask. Much of the time, you are so certain, yet, when put to the test, you might be more cautious.

If I gave you three choices, that would be easier, yet not necessarily a shoe-in.

Of course, if you had a sick child, you might well know without hesitation.

Of course, you would love one wish that would take care of everyone and everything. You think of…

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