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111213_kauilapele_aspen_mission_dscf0755_10_1[UPDATE (prior to posting at 1313 HST: I composed (“got”) this yesterday (2-1-13), and right now, I’m listening to Cobra’s 1-31-13 interview on Maarten Horst’s show, which aligns very much with this message. (the post on this blog is here, and will be released at 1414 HST (1914 EST)]

This post discussed those “Upgraded Energies.” And “Drop[ping] Your Paradigms.” And I can tell you that, yesterday, I was “on” a call (meaning I listened, and said nothing) and during that call it was so clear, that these already “Upgraded” Energies had indeed accelerated, in other words, increased their velocity of increasing. Very clear. Very.

In the past few days, there have been 2.36547 x 105 (236,547) posts, messages, emails, communications, connections, new web sites, new chat sites, blog sites, that have come into being.

To me, it has “sensed” that it is the “Upgraded Energies” themselves that are…

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