Life as the ultimate virtual reality immersion, by Multidimensional Ocean – 1 Feb 2013

Multidimensional Ocean

Hi ladies and gents,

During the week an interesting thought has crossed my mind, which I am going to share with you.

Imagine if you were a part of a super powerful and advanced civilisation. This civilisation would be able to control matter at an atomic level, it can align the atoms in order to create anything at all, just like the Star Trek replicators.


It would be one of those civilisations capable of prolonging life through natural or artificial methods, such gene re-sequencing and as cloning.


Imagine this civilisation would have at its’ disposition an almost never ending flow and abundance of energy, providing them with whatever is needed for their daily life.


Imagine that at this level, the only thing stopping your spiritual progress is your technological power, life is so comfortable and never-ending, that there is no need for self improvement or so one…

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